Records of past lithography conferences

The week of SPIE’s Advanced Lithography Symposium is finally in the past, and life is beginning to settle down towards normal again.  As always, I have collected up the week’s worth of blog posts and put them on my conferences web page.  You can find my summaries of 20 different lithography conferences going back to 2006 here:

One thought on “Records of past lithography conferences”

  1. There’s a lot of concentrated knowledge there. Do lithographers ever play the game: “what if I had a one-way trip back to [date], and maybe a backpack or a van full of stuff, how much could I speed things up?”

    Or more practically, “knowing what is known now, how productive a semiconductor factory could I build for absurdly low budget [$]?” Today 0.8 microns seems slightly less impressive than a really good stone axe, but it took a hell of a lot to get there. I think, given a budget of say, $10 million for the second copy of the factory, it might be possible to get to as low as 0.3 microns with a production of part of a square meter per day. [size of part carefully unspecified, but producing product worth something over 10% of the factory cost per year] What’s possible?

    Another variation: due to the terrible aftermath of the flying space bat invasion, humanity is reduced to the technical level of 500A.D. – but some of the survivors come across a former mine shaft filled with the ideal books and equipment needed to restart technology, carefully set aside against this eventuality. So what would you put in that mine?

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