Lithography and Politics

Today is election day in the United States ā€“ finally. Iā€™m sick of hearing about the state of politics in America, and am just looking forward to moving on. But there has been one bit of political news that I have found intriguing. This fall there was a lithographer who ran for Congress ā€“ in Brazil. His name is Ricardo Vieira, and I have been in email contact with him over the years on various lithography topics. When he first started campaigning, he told me, “We don’t have any representative from the scientific workers class into our Congress, so I decided to be a candidate.” He played up his experience in Nanotechnology to promote his campaign, even creating what might be the world’s smallest campaign slogan – “Vote Ricardo Vieira” printed so small that it is completely visible through the eye of a needle.

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3 thoughts on “Lithography and Politics”

  1. We don’t have any Lithographer candidates in AZ, but we do have a "Rocket Scientist" – actually a Physicist – Ruth McClung (R) in district 7, facing a tough race against the leader of the "Progressive" Caucus – yes, indeed, time to move on šŸ™‚

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